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How to Get Free Advertising

Free Advertising

What is Free Advertising?

The definition of free Advertising exists within a dualistic fashion; advertising is identified as a commercial activity implemented in order to raise, heighten, grow, or develop awareness of a specific product or service with regard to the general consumer public - the presence of a particular product or service is considered to be a primary component of advertising, which determines the degree of both commercial availability and access of that specific product or service. The notion of ‘free’ – in conjunction to the term ‘Free Advertising’ suggests that the Advertising efforts exist without an associated fee or charge. Although there do exist methods of free Advertising available to vendors, the implementation of free Advertising efforts are subject to varying degrees of viability, efficiency, and legality.

Free Advertising vs. Paid Advertising

The prospect of the availability of any product or services existing without a fee or charge may be considered to be attractive; however, detractors of free Advertising efforts typically maintain their respective allegiance to the commercial philosophy expressing the need to ‘spend money to make money’ – the following arguments have been posed with regard to the receipt of free Advertising:

The Pros of Free Advertising

Those in favor of free Advertising suggest that as long as the nature of advertising is truly free in nature, does not render any adverse effects or damage with regard to the vendor or consumer base, and adheres to legal requirements, the implementation of free Advertising efforts can only assist in the commercial development of a specific product or service:

A wide variety of newly-formed marketing and advertisement agencies exist that offer free Advertising as a marketing effort to attract new clients; oftentimes, free advertising will be provided on a trial basis – in the event that the vendor is satisfied with the results from advertising with that specific advertising company, they may be inspired to furnish payment for future advertising services

Sales, special, and promotional efforts undertaken by institutions allowing for free Advertising may prove to be useful for small or newly-formed businesses investigating potential partnerships with advertising agencies or institutions; strategic advertising partnerships may also result in the opportunity for free Advertising – typically, these partnerships may allow for bartering in lieu of payment for free Advertising services

The Cons of Free Advertising

Detractors of free Advertising efforts have expressed suspicion with regard to agencies or institutions offering free Advertising, which result from potential confusion or doubt; many of the more dubious individuals will speculate as to the latent benefit or profitability of offering a service without the intention of turning a profit. While certain non-profit institutions or lobbies may allow for free Advertising with regard to a cause, product, or service in which they are in support, many detractors wonder if the concept of ‘something for nothing’ truly exists:

Oftentimes, free Advertising exists in the form of a trial – or grace – period within which the initial agreement does not require payment; however, hidden fees, fine print, or confusing contract agreements may result in advertising to be anything but free

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