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A Guide for Understanding Online Marketing Jobs

Online Marketing Jobs

What are Online Marketing Jobs?

Online Marketing Jobs are defined as professions and occupations undertaken by individuals specializing in actions, strategies, and efforts allowing for the development of strategic commercial partnerships between the general consumer public and applicable commercial vendors providing various products and services for consumer consumption within the realm of the Internet-based, virtual commercial marketplace.

Both the advent of the Internet - as well as the collective, societal reliance on it for both the provision of commercial opportunity, as well as social networking – traditional Marketing Jobs were limited to direct, interpersonal contact within which face-to-face contact was required. In addition, traditional Marketing Jobs were subject to any or all expressed hours of operation, vast distances between vendors and potential consumers, and barriers with regard to accessibility.

Online Marketing Jobs vs. Online Advertising Jobs

While Online Advertising Jobs typically enact efforts that involve raising the commercial awareness of a particular brand within the virtual, Internet-based consumer marketplace, Online Marketing Jobs typically focus on the development and proliferation of strategic relationships existing within the virtual, commercial marketplace – this results in the joining of vendors and their target markets in order to form commercially-viable, profitable relationships. However, due to the technological advancement of online-based, digital networks, both traditional Marketing Jobs and traditional Advertising Jobs once considered to be reliant on face-to-face interaction can now be enacted on a remote basis.

Types of Online Marketing Jobs

Within the online marketing industry, the following are amongst the most common Online Marketing Jobs available:

Online Marketing Agencies

An Online Marketing Agency is an institution specializing in the provision of commercial, consumer-targeted advertising and marketing efforts within the realm of the Internet; these types of Online Marketing Jobs will primarily undertake methodologies and ideologies developed in order to provide their respective clientele with strategies, support, and planning facilitating the virtual, commercial marketplace.

Online Marketing Strategists

Online Marketing Jobs classified as strategists or strategy developers involve the identification of a specific target markets and primary consumer bases, which typically focus on methods that allow for the commercially-based convergence of individuals identified as the primary consumers of that specific product or service with applicable vendors providing products and services for commercial consumption; following the identification of marketing efforts, the efficiency of efforts raising the degree of general consumer awareness and commercial presence will be maximized.

Online Marketing Consultants

Online Marketing Jobs classified as Online Marketing Consultants are positions undertaken by individuals specializing in marketing efforts and strategies facilitated through the use of the Internet as a drawing board for the development and construction of online-based marketing efforts that include branding and the optimization of virtual networks to serve as a means of convergence between vendors and their target consumer bases within a commercial marketplace.


Vendors are varying Online Marketing Jobs undertaken by commercial institutions that provide products and services intended for consumer consumption within the setting of the online marketplace. Vendors – in concert with consumers – are considered to serve as the 2 primary components comprising what is known as the commercial marketplace.

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